Hi. I'm Jenn. Glad to meet you.

Really, though, who am I? How about a list? We Virgos tend to like lists:

  • Writer. Copy/line editor (www.commanaut.com). 

  • I reside in the Great White North, though the webbed feet prove that I originate from Portland, Oregon. Last U.S. address was Los Angeles. No, I do not miss the traffic. (Although Vancouver is #2 in North America for Worst Traffic Ever.) I do miss California's awesome beaches. Oh, the surfers ...

  • I write under the pen name Eliza Gordon for non-YA titles -- romantic comedies and Happily Ever Afters. (These books are NOT for kids. Mature themes, adult language, super-inappropriate jokes that will make you giggle. Well, I hope.)

  • Member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)

  • Member of the eight-person fiction cohort of the 2007 Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University.

  • Studied copy and substantive editing (2005-06) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. As a writer, I have worked with and studied the practices of some of the best editors in the publishing industry. #luckyJenn 

  • Studied English, political science, and criminology via Washington State University.

  •  I'm called Mom by three brilliant babies.

  • I will never join the PTA or PAC, so please, don't ask. I also don't do candle, jewelry, or clothing parties. Thanks, though. I'm sure the finger sandwiches are delicious.

  • I used to do all of my first-draft writing in the car, at night, in the parking lot of my favorite coffee shop. These days I write where it's quietest -- home, or my local Starbucks, Waves, or Caffe Divano.

  • I buy a lot of books. A LOT. No, seriously. I have a problem.

  • I am a soundtrack/movie score JUNKIE. Hans Zimmer and Alexandre Desplat and the Greyson-William brothers are gods. And HARRY ESCOTT. *swoon* He followed me back on Twitter and I almost died. Almost.

  • I am obsessed with elephants and otters. I'd like to smooch one of each someday. 

  • Cat person. The household is ruled by an overweight tuxedo cat named Nuit and her very energetic little sister, Rosie Cotton (named after Samwise Gamgee’s wife from Lord of the Rings). 

  • I love coffee, Shakespeare (!!!), Joan of Arc, most things pastry, MOVIES (oh man I love movies so much), the Golden Rule, and bloody good writing. 

  • I am Team Superman all the way. I wear the same outfit every day: a Superman T-shirt and jeans, and I have a very cool Superman tattoo inspired by the artwork of comic book artist Jim Lee.

  • I adore Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit -- and I ship Kili + Tauriel forever, and I don't care if Tauriel wasn't in original Hobbit story. <3 #Aragon #Thorin #Kili #Fili

  • I now have five tattoos, including the Dwarvish script from Kili's rune stone (from Desolation of Smaug). I waited until my 30s to get my first tattoo, just to be sure I wouldn't regret it.

  • Muses help me write -- I have many. I love movie stars!

  • I hate thunderstorms, paperwork, people lacking humility, lazy writers with a sense of entitlement, and going to the dentist. Oh, and bad drivers. THE BAD DRIVERS TURN ME INTO A RAGE STORM OF CALAMITOUS DOOM.

I hope you like my words. I worked hard to pick all the right ones.